September 21, 2021

Become our Director of Engineering

Demex is growing our team!

Ed Byrns, CEO


Preferred Location: Washington DC

Preferred Career Level: Director

You will report to the Head of Technology in a critically important role for our high-growth start-up. You will work with product managers and quantitative analysts to formulate software solutions for climate resiliency.

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You Are

As a leader on our technology team, you must demonstrate that you:

  • Are quantitatively oriented with a passion for helping businesses mitigate the financial impacts of a changing climate;
  • Embrace a customer-focused action-oriented approach to your career;
  • Are driven to connect customers to products that absorb financial volatility driven by increasingly chaotic fluctuations in the weather that are linked to climate change.

We know that you will be successful because:

  • Your creativity in developing new technology and customer solutions stems from your educational and experiential foundation in computer or fundamental sciences
  • You love being part of a small team with close multi-functional ties from person to person.
  • You despise organizational politics, and you devote every ounce of your time/energy/passion toward achieving your professional mission.

Your Responsibilities:

You will primarily be responsible for developing client-side and server-side architecture.  More specifically you will:

  • Work with design team to implement UI/UX of web applications
  • Design, develop and manage database schemas to support application backend
  • Write effective, secure APIs
  • Automate testing of all software
  • Write technical documentation as needed
  • Mentoring and coaching of less senior staff

Your Duties:

Your day-to-day activities will consist of:

  • Creating and coordinating with business stakeholders the timelines for deliverables and meeting agreed upon end dates
  • Managing and developing reusable C# .NET libraries that serve as the workhorse of the API implementation
  • Managing and developing reusable set(s) of React components for the web application(s) that use the API
  • Managing and creating automated testing processes for both front and back end code
  • Responding to urgent, impromptu requests from business stakeholders
  • Documenting API and GUI component usage so that the use of either can be understood without direct intervention of the author(s)

Your Core Competencies:

The position requires 3-7 years of experience as a software engineer.  You must demonstrate skill in:

  • Fluency with HTML, CSS, Javascript, React, SQL and C#
  • Proficiency with browser and IDE debuggers
  • Designing and creating relational database schemas
  • Ability to solve technical problems that occur anywhere in the software stack
  • Ability to translate (sometimes meager) business requirements into high quality software solutions
  • Mastery of test driven development (TDD)
  • Familiarity with CI/CD processes

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