November 02, 2021

Become our Director of Legal, Risk and Business Operations

Demex is growing out team!

Ed Byrns, CEO


Preferred Location:  Washington, DC

Preferred Career Level: Director

You will report to the CEO in a critically important role for our high-growth start-up. You will work in close coordination with Demex senior leaders in Growth, Operations, and Product to develop, implement and manage all compliance programs for customers, vendors, corporate risk (i.e. insurance), intellectual property, and regulatory agencies.   

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You Are

As a part of our leadership team, you must demonstrate that you:

  • Are quantitatively oriented with a passion for helping businesses mitigate the financial impacts of a changing climate;
  • Are excited at the opportunity to help Demex operations evolve from Seed-Stage start-up to Series-B powerhouse;
  • Embrace a customer-focused action-oriented approach to your career;
  • Are driven to connect customers to products that absorb financial volatility driven by increasingly chaotic fluctuations in the weather that are linked to climate change.

We know that you will be successful because:

  • You love being part of a small team with close multi-functional ties from person to person.
  • You despise unhealthy organizational politics, and you devote every ounce of your time/energy/passion toward achieving your professional mission.

Your Responsibilities

You will primarily be responsible for optimizing business processes across a variety of functions to catalyze sustainable and scalable growth.

More specifically you will:

  • Manage third-party PEO to ensure that all federal and state regulations for employment are being followed without incident;
  • Manage third-party consulting partners to ensure that regulations prescribed by NFA, CFTC, FINRA, State Departments of Insurance, and other relevant agencies are being followed without incident;
  • Manage outside legal counsel to develop and manage processes for intellectual property with an eye toward optimizing future investment;
  • Manage corporate liability and indemnity insurance programs with an eye toward optimizing future investment;
  • Perform regular audits for all elements of corporate risk;
  • Develop and maintain customer and vendor contracts;
  • Write detailed reports for management based on your observations.

Your Duties

Your day-to-day activities will consist of:

  • Coordinating with outside counsel on all legal matters;
  • Managing contracts and legal engagements;
  • Reviewing and implementing policies and process for operating environments (privacy, regulatory, pii, etc.)
  • Developing comprehensive insurance programs for business operations
  • Managing intellectual property
  • Serving as senior compliance officer for all regulatory agencies
  • Coordinating regulatory inquiries and audits
  • Developing and managing processes for all regulatory licensing

Your Core Competencies

The position requires a postgraduate education in law and 5-10 years of experience working in corporate law, internet law, insurance law, and/or derivative law. Start-up experience is highly preferred.

You must demonstrate expertise in:

  • Contracts and negotiation;
  • Regulatory and Compliance;
  • Corporate Policy and Procedure;
  • Project management;
  • Organizational discipline and self-motivation;
  • Attention to detail;
  • Business software systems including MS Office and MS Teams;
  • Written, in-person and in-presentation communication;
  • Virtual-office communication and teamwork;

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