March 14, 2021

Demex Agriculture Center: Frost Protection

A late-frost can ruin the entire crop. The Demex Agriculture Center leverages advances in cloud computing and big data to protect cherry crops with just a few clicks. Build customized insurance for your unique clients.

Taylor Sipple, Product Lead

Frost Threats

Unexpected frost puts cherry crops at risk. Depending on the growth stage, frost can stunt plant growth, or destroy the crops entirely.

The Demex Agriculture Center enables customers to protect against unexpected weather and yield loss.

Geographic Precision and Data Expertise

Our technology and weather data expertise enables us to develop coverage that is custom to your client’s farm.

The Demex Agriculture Center provides highly localized coverage by combining weather station observation data with modeled data, down to a resolution of 3 miles. All data used in our analyses are systematically tested and quality controlled by our team’s in-house atmospheric scientists.

Demex Frost Protection is based on actual weather; when adverse events happen, payment is automatic.

Ease of Use

Start by entering the street address for your customer’s farm (or the corresponding coordinates). Then input:

  • Risk window: e.g., Start May 1st – End May 30th
  • Frost threshold for the crop covered: e.g., 26˚F
  • Amount of coverage : e.g., $50,000

These farm-specific details are coupled with historical weather to provide straightforward baseline protection.

Selecting a coverage level is quick and intuitive.

Payment is Automatic

The claim payment is based on the observed weather; therefore, it’s automatic. Adjusters don’t need to assess damage.

The Demex Agriculture Center couples with your trusted policies to protect your customers’ bottom line.

It’s simple, it fits your needs, and best of all, your customer is covered immediately.

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