March 14, 2021

Extreme Wind Defender

The Demex Group offers Real Estate Portfolios a new solution for recovering damages due to extreme winds caused by hurricanes, tropical storms, and routine wind patterns.

Taylor Sipple, Product Lead

Since 2015, Demex Budget Defender has helped property managers save money and protect their portfolios from the impact of volatile weather. Extreme Wind Defender is a parametric protection program that brings together local windspeed data with projected wind damage costs to deliver a calibrated risk solution in the form of a derivative or insurance contract.

Example Expense Profile for Two Locations

How It Works

To receive a quote, a client simply supplies a list of locations to cover and the historic or expected expense due to extreme wind. If unknown, a standard expense profile will be assumed.

In turn, a calibrated solution will be returned that delivers protection across the set of coverage zones nearest your locations. Payment at each zone is determined independently.

These solutions are fully accessible on the Demex Solutions Center, enabling monitoring of modeled expenses and payouts online throughout the season.

Case Study: Florida Real Estate Portfolio

Shown below is a set of coverage zones that can be protected in the state of Florida, with higher incidences of extreme winds denoted as darker marks on the map.

A REIT could obtain protection for a portfolio of properties distributed across the state. The Demex program uses parametric coverage to supplement existing insurance.

About The Demex Group

Demex is a technology company that brings together risk management and climate science to analyze, price, and transfer non-catastrophe climate-linked risks at scale. Its parametric solution operates at the intersection of insurance and capital markets and is helping organizations of all types navigate the complex and changing risks associated with climate change.

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