Your weather and business data, optimized.

The Demex Solutions Center is a marketplace for researching, quoting and executing complete, climate resilient solutions across weather and commodities.

Demex brings together an ecosystem of leading risk providers into a single platform, lowering the barrier to entry for those who want to develop true climate resiliency.

We offer customers the ability to design tailored coverage, to your location and your business, all of which are fully backed by our pre-certified risk carriers.

Our platform gives all stakeholders a high level of transparency in order to enable informed business decision-making at all stages of the transaction lifecycle.

We call this the “Demex Difference.” You can call it “B-to-B-to-C.”

Fully-integrated geographic basis risk

We provide the ability to value portfolios across millions of locations and precise localized weather patterns—addressing geographic basis risk.

We don’t offer one-size-fits-all solutions, or measure your weather impact with a finger pointed at the wind. Instead, we integrate and automate a broad range of data points, seamlessly quantifying the actual impact for you.

Tailored for you

We then apply those data points against your actual business model, deploying advanced analytical techniques in machine learning against our extensive weather datasets to build custom models of climate impact on business financials.

Through this, we can also develop tailored cost control and revenue protection products for a business’s specific exposures.

Climate-linked economics, custom fit for your business.

Your risk is already covered.

Every solution presented on the Demex platform is already fully backed by leading risk carrier partners.

These partners trust us with their balance sheets because they understand the credibility of our model and the precision in the Demex Solutions Center’s analytics. With decades of experience across multiple industries, we know how to optimize weather and financial variables to create stability and predictability.

One less reason to worry.

And now… look at what’s possible.

Custom Parametrics
Weather Safeguards
Embedded Insurance

Custom Parametrics

Demex’s rich weather datasets enable an understanding of how local weather patterns are changing, which allows a company to rapidly develop and execute policies for cost controls and revenue protection.

For example, a snow removal company experienced dramatic fluctuations in its snow plowing revenues in low snowfall years, leading to cash shortfalls and making revenue unpredictable year-to-year.

Demex developed a revenue protection solution that gave them financial certainty as to what minimum revenue they would earn each season, allowing them to regulate year-over-year cash flow and optimize their bottom line. With our guaranteed risk capacity, they felt safe knowing they would not be vulnerable to volatile snow patterns.

Weather Safeguards

The Demex Solutions Center can also be used as a one-stop shop for researching, quoting and executing fully-customized weather derivatives and weather-linked insurance.

For example, a broker often looks for a simple way to fulfill customer demand for weather derivatives and expand their sales volumes. This broker can now extend customer access directly into the Demex platform, freeing them to open new relationships and capture additional revenue streams.

Embedded Insurance

Demex also partners with insurance carriers to embed climate resiliency solutions into existing products, such as homeowners or business insurance policies.

For example, we are developing supplemental protection for homeowners who are exposed to excessively high utility bills during a heat wave or cold spell.  Coverage is priced and calibrated to average daily temperatures and priced in units of $100 total coverage. Coverage can be scaled up to any value to align with typical utility bills in the ZIP code.