March 14, 2021

Snow Removal Budget Defender

With winter snowfall becoming more unpredictable, how are you ensuring your snow removal budget weathers the uncertainty?

Taylor Sipple, Product Lead

Since 2015, Demex Budget Defender has helped property managers save money and protect their portfolios from the impact of volatile snow seasons. Budget Defender is a budgetary protection program that brings together local weather data with property-specific snow service contracts to deliver a calibrated risk solution in the form of a derivative or insurance contract.

Building a Calibrated Risk Solution

Two Ways to Protect Your Budget:

  1. Capped Budget Solution:  For portfolios with high year-to-year snow volatility, this solution caps your expenses at a maximum budget level. Anything above that level is paid back at the end of the season, in exchange for an upfront premium at the start.
  2. Fixed Budget Solution:  If your portfolio routinely experiences extreme snowfall, clients can opt for fixing their snow removal costs. This solution has no upfront premium; when costs come in above the set level, the difference is paid back – when costs come in below, the client pays the difference.

An End-to-End Solution

In addition to budgetary solutions, our clients receive access to the Demex Solutions Center which enables them to manage snow removal budgets through the full lifecycle, including:

  • Evaluation of Vendor Bids
  • Assisting in Contract Negotiations
  • Comparative Risk Analysis
  • In-Season Expense Monitoring
  • Invoice Auditing
  • Post-Season Analysis & Recommendations

The Results Speak For Themselves

Over the past five years, we’ve helped our clients save 20-40% on snow removal costs, compared to a fixed price seasonal contract.

About The Demex Group

Demex is a technology company that brings together risk management and climate science to analyze, price, and transfer non-catastrophe climate-linked risks at scale. Our parametric solution operates at the intersection of insurance and capital markets and is helping organizations of all types navigate the complex and changing risks associated with climate change.

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