November 02, 2021

The Demex Team is Growing

Join us!

Ed Byrns, CEO

We are inviting diverse and talented people to join:

Become our Executive Admin: You will report to the CEO and amplify the executive team as our captain of multitasking, scheduling wizard, and workflow guru.

Become our Director of Legal, Risk and Business Operations: You will report to the CEO and work in close coordination with Demex senior leaders in Growth, Operations, and Product to develop, implement and manage all compliance programs for customers, vendors, corporate risk (i.e. insurance), intellectual property, and regulatory agencies.

The Demex Group

We are a diverse collection of extraordinary people inventing new avenues for climate resilience.  The world is changing; weather patterns are increasingly unstable and present unique risks for businesses. Extreme weather leads to dramatic fluctuations in revenue and costs.  Yet existing risk management approaches were built for a different world and are ill-equipped to reliably provide climate-linked financial security.  Demex is making it simple to build protection for operational weather risks. We’ve built a robust, end-to-end ecosystem, seamlessly integrating the weather data, cashflow modeling and channel partners required to provide coverage that’s tailored for each customer.  With the business impact of climate change only increasing, Demex is designed to support new sectors with a novel approach.

We are bringing together decades of experience across tech, financial and risk management, capital markets, commodities, insurance, climate science and energy to develop cutting-edge technology and customized solutions for localized challenges

The Demex Group is an Insurtech startup, built upon 10 years of development, exploration and testing at a global reinsurance company.  Founded in late 2019, Demex spun-out technology, pricing systems and customers with the strategy to grow a platform for parametric climate-risk protection.  At start-up, Demex secured agreements for risk capacity, and brought on institutional equity investors that have deep expertise in insurance and financial services.

Recent key outcomes have included: Series A funding, joining Insurtech’s “Future 50,” awarded Oxbow’s “Impact 25,” establishing broker licensing (IB) for capital markets, establishing Managing General Agent (MGA) licensing for insurance, executing customer and capacity contracts, launching data platforms that seamlessly integrate with front-end applications, launching the Demex Climate Center, introducing blockchain ledger technology, establishing a network of risk carriers, distributors and modeling partners.

With a world-class tech platform in place, our business is poised for growth and our technology gives us a powerful, comprehensive platform capable of scaling transactions by orders of magnitude.  We want your help as we grow!

Contact us for more information or to apply!

The Demex Way

Like all great companies, we strive to hire the best and we value integrity, excellence, respect, inclusion, and collaboration.

  • We encourage independent decision-making by employees.
  • We share information openly, broadly, and deliberately.
  • We are extraordinarily candid with each other. Our core philosophy is people over process.

Your professional history should demonstrate examples that are consistent with The Demex Way:


  • Our cross-team communication is frequent, candid, respectful, and fun.
  • We proactively and respectfully seize opportunities to build comradery across the Team.
  • We constantly teach/share, actively learn from, and/or eagerly help our teammates 1-to-1 or 1-to-many.
  • We operate with full integrity.
  • We are fully transparent, totally honest, and still tactful.
  • We demonstrate respect for the unique traits of each individual across our Team.


  • Our analyses always start from the customers’ point-of-view.
  • Our analyses focus on impacts from weather and climate rather than on weather/climate phenomena themselves.
  • Our analytics always stem from the point of view that our customers can’t change the weather or climate; they work with us to effectively safeguard their costs and revenue linked to weather/climate extremes.

We proudly proclaim our manifesto to ourselves, our customers, our investors, and our marketplace!

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