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Demex is the first company to offer comprehensive solutions for modeling, assessing, and transferring climate-linked risks at scale.

Climate change is creating a new normal for weather risk. Demex appraises and transfers climate risk for customer resilience.

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Climate resilience, delivered by Demex.TM

Climate change is driving weather patterns to become increasingly unstable and presents shifting risks for businesses.

In response, more and more companies are examining their exposure to climate-related risks. The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) alongside other government agencies, credit rating agencies, investors, and the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) are all directing companies to understand and manage their climate-linked economics.

The Demex Group makes it simple to manage climate risks.

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Shifting Market Risks

Climate change is driving winter storms to be more extreme and less predictable. High snowfall skyrockets costs and makes variable-priced snow removal contracts a risky bet. On the flip side, fixed-price contracts can lead to overspending in low snowfall winters.

Heavy rainfall, snowfall and extreme temperatures lead to unexpected out-of-pocket costs and lost revenue for city planners, individual businesses, homeowners, and renters. Traditional insurance strategies are shifting to meet this need.

Extreme weather also impacts investment valuations. Capital advisors, asset managers, and ESG officers face increasingly complex and nuanced exposures. Demex Climate Risk Appraisals provide a new management strategy for climate resilience. Learn about Demex

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Innovative Solutions

Demex’s snow solutions for property managers drive comprehensive budget planning. We custom-fit winter weather management solutions that account for hyper-local snowfall patterns across your portfolio as well as the unique cost-profile at each property. Our customers save 10-40% on snow removal costs. Learn about Demex Snow Solutions

Demex developed new insurance options to protect policyholders following extreme weather. These solutions are parametric, meaning that claims and payments are automatic. Demex technology also directly integrates with insurance carriers who are developing and deploying new weather insurance. Learn about Demex Extreme Weather Insurance

Climate Risk Appraisals from Demex directly address future business performance. Lenders appraise climate-driven shifts for risk of borrower defaults. Business owners appraise climate-driven shifts in costs and revenue. Investors appraise climate-driven shifts in projected returns across their portfolios. Appraisals form a pathway toward Demex derived parametric insurance and climate hedging for complete financial solutions. Learn about Demex Climate Appraisals

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We’ve brought together decades of experience across tech, finance, risk management, capital markets, insurance, and climate science to develop comprehensive solutions that model, assess, and manage your Climate Linked Economics at scale.

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Demex is short for data empowered parametrix. Parametric is a mathematical term for any group of equations. Parametrix refers to a fundamental solution. That “x” marks the spot—your unique solution, by Demex.