What’s your weather?

Demex is a first-of-its-kind platform for analyzing, pricing and transferring climate-linked risks at scale. 

As climate change increases weather volatility, we offer businesses the ability to manage risk and create opportunity.

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Climate resilience for your bottom line.

Extreme weather leads to dramatic fluctuations in revenue, commodity prices and other operational costs. But existing risk management approaches were built for a different world and are ill-equipped to reliably provide climate-linked financial security.

We’ve built a robust, end-to-end ecosystem, seamlessly integrating the weather data, cash flow modeling and channel partners required to provide coverage that’s tailored for you.

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Our technology

Recent advances in cloud computing, big data, and blockchain have enabled us to deliver a simple, secure and scalable platform that’s specifically designed for climate resiliency.

    • Simplified risk marketplace covering all components of the risk transfer and quoting processes
    • Global coverage with localized data to provide precise modeling at scale
    • Innovative risk coverage powered by machine learning and blockchain technology

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Our solutions

We fundamentally believe that each of our clients have specific and unique needs. Regardless of which approach is right for you, we provide calibrated solutions with clear outcomes:

    • On-demand custom products to define the coverage that’s right for you
    • Embedded microproducts for insurance carriers who want to expand their offerings
    • Customized parametric modeling for clients with nuanced financial exposures to weather


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We’ve brought together decades of experience across tech, financial and risk management, capital markets, commodities, insurance, climate science and energy to develop cutting-edge technology and customized solutions for your localized challenges.

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What’s in a name?

Demex is short for data empowered parametrix. Parametric is a mathematical term for any group of equations. Parametrix refers to a fundamental solution. That “x” marks the spot—your unique solution, by Demex.