As extreme weather escalates in a changing climate, protection has not kept pace – until now

Climate Change is Disrupting Insurance

Traditional insurance options for severe weather focus on the damages from catastrophic events like hurricanes but ignore less severe, higher frequency extreme weather events like heat waves, droughts, and storms. As a technology-enabled MGA, Demex uniquely addresses this gap. Demex’s groundbreaking approach to non-catastrophic weather risk management uses customer data to quantify and transfer unique financial risks for insurers and corporates.

Demex Reshapes the Market

Retained Climate Risk Reinsurance (RCR)

Demex RCR is a first-of-its-kind layer of protection for insurers. Policies cover the risks of non-catastrophic, higher-frequency weather events that typically occur within the retention layer. These events now are occurring five times more frequently than they were in the 1980s. Demex RCR supplements traditional reinsurance programs to minimize underwriting losses for insurers.

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Operational Climate Risk Coverage (OCR)

High-frequency extreme weather events like heavy rainfall, snowfall, and extreme temperatures also lead to unexpected out-of-pocket costs and lost revenue for many businesses. Demex OCR provides budget stability for customers vulnerable to increasingly volatile weather.

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Our partners include leaders in insurance, brokerage, reinsurance, and capital markets. Working with these partners, Demex delivers innovative end-to-end risk management solutions, from analyzing to transferring clients’ climate-related risk.