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Polar Vortex 2020-2021

News, Research

Our team recently had the pleasure of interviewing Riskpulse / Resilience 360 Chief Meteorologist Jon Davis to talk about the Polar Vortex. While …

Winter Arrives


30-inches of seasonal snowfall can accumulate an infinite number of ways.  Does it matter whether 30-inches falls in two big blizzards …

BTP’s blockchain management platform Sextant for DAML selected by climate risk insurtech The Demex Group


Washington DC - November 19, 2020 - FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:  The Demex Group, a leading technology company that has pioneered a …


Winter is Coming: Chapter 2


The winter of 2019 was the worst year and the best year in recent memory for snowfall-linked businesses on the Eastern …

Winter is Coming: Chapter 1


For much of the northeastern U.S, Winter 2019-2020 could be described with one word: mild. West Virginia and Rhode Island each …


Diving into Demex Technologies: MATLAB and Python

Team Updates, Research

Demex Technologies teammates Andrew Janke and Michael Patterson teamed up to bridge the gap between two of the primary programing languages …

Diving into Demex: Meet our Advisory Board

News, Team Updates

We are happy to announce the addition of two leaders in risk management, insurance, and commodities to the Demex Advisory Board, …

Diving into Demex: Why IA Capital?

Team Updates, News

Our team enthusiastically welcomes Matt Perlman to our Board of Directors. Matt is a Partner of IA Capital Group with more …

Diving into Demex: Why Anthemis?

Team Updates, News

Our team enthusiastically welcomes Ruth Foxe Blader to our Board of Directors. Ruth is a Partner at Anthemis and thought leader …

The Demex Group Launches as a “Shock Absorber for Climate Change”


The Demex Group made our market debut on August 11, 2020 and our origin-story was profiled by The Washington Post.  It …