I joined Demex because I’m driven to scale solutions that address the increasing business impact of climate change. The Demex Group approaches financial resilience for climate risks in an entirely unique way, pioneering a new approach to the realities of climate change. I’m honored to join this phenomenal group of talented and dedicated people dedicated to building solutions to protect clients from the risks of climate change.

I’m so impressed by the depth of knowledge and expertise across this company. Demex is a start-up, but it was built by people with decades of experience in technology, finance, risk management, capital markets, insurance, and climate science.

The team is truly passionate about climate resilience. It’s a small team that has accomplished a lot and attracted leadership from experts in Climate Tech, Insurance Tech, and Financial Tech investment. Retained Climate Risk Reinsurance is the perfect example of the innovative, sophisticated climate risk transfer that the Demex team has built.

I’m honored to bring my experience leading companies through critical growth phases to Demex right now.

Our investors are also excited. As Ruth Fox Blader, partner at Anthemis, said, “Demex has clearly poised for scale thanks to the many achievements of the founders and the entire team. Bill will focus Demex’s world-class team to expand distribution in the rapidly growing market exposed to extreme weather events.”

The enthusiasm of our investors is special. Hank Hattemer from Blue Bear Capital recently shared that he’s never seen a better syncing of company vision and market opportunity.

I agree with Hank. With over 20 years of experience on boards of directors as well as during my time as CEO and CMO for market-leading technology companies prior to Demex, I’ve led many companies through key growth phases. I’m thrilled to join the Demex team at this special time.

Our recent accomplishments have brought the team closer to our goal of delivering climate resilience to those who are particularly sensitive to extreme weather but are unprotected.

Now we’ll rally together to the next level!

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